Metal finishing

Executives of JSC "CHROMTECH" have many years experience of work at Institute of Chemistry and are experts of metal finishing. They have created a lot of modern technological processes and compositions with additives to realize them in industry. These include processes for surface preparation (degreasing), electroplating (zinc plating), conversion coating (chromating, phosphating) and other. Our products are being sold under the trademark LIKONDA®. The company provides technical service and supervision of introduction of technological processes to industry. In line with the above-mentioned, JSC "CHROMTECH" distributes technological processes of the Institute of Chemistry (Vilnius, Lithuania), which in the former Soviet Union was the leader in the field of applied electrochemistry. (see Product list)

We also offer isolating and masking tapes for different applications.


Employees of JSC “CHROMTECH” have gained experience in the field of import and export of raw materials.

For leather and fur finishing and textile industries

We supply additives, compositions, dyes and auxiliary materials of well-known trademarks for leather and fur finishing and textile industries.